Why is wellness so important to us? It is because wellness is all about achieving that state of life where we are perfectly fine and happy mentally as well as physically. Moreover, we try out various activities in order to achieve wellness in our life and this can positively affect our health, diet and mental state as well. Today, we run into wellness retreats, wellness centers, spa, gym, cafes and so many other places where we can truly achieve wellness. It is ideally a wider concept which involves various dimensions.

According to the World Health Organization, wellness is a state of complete physical, mental and social-well-being, and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity. In order to ensure absolute wellness in our life, we need to focus on our emotional, spiritual, social, environmental and intellectual aspects of our life. These are the important dimensions that control our life and they are very much interrelated.

We need to adopt processes that can help us grow and develop and improve ourself in every single way and make use of our potentials. People feel the wellness hitting them especially when they are working out at gym or when they are relaxing in a spa. Some even achieve wellness when they get a complete makeover at a salon or after eating a full course delicious mean at some good café or restaurant. Sometimes, wellness is about simple and small things in our life.

Humans try out all possible ways to make themselves feel happy, elated and amazing. Emotional wellness is all about realizing the connection between our emotional and physical health. People who often face emotional roller-coasters in their life, must indulge into some yoga and meditation which can make them feel calm and also relieve their stress and tensions. Also, massages are great stress busters.

If you are someone who loves plants, trees and everything about greenery and environment, you can easily achieve wellness by seeing your little plant grow and glow in your small balcony garden. It satisfies you from within and also think for the betterment of our environment. You can start planting your own small organic gardens and make use of renewable sources of energy in order to save our environment. This is better known as environmental aspect of wellness.

Wellness can also be associated with your job, occupation and your workplace behaviour. If you are able to develop a positive attitude and are able to find happiness and pleasure in your job, you are slowly attaining the state of occupational wellness in your life.

Wellness is all about making yourself happy and staying positive throughout your life. Do things that make you happy and spend time with those who make you feel amazing.

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