One of the most intense and traditional yoga is the power yoga. Power yoga is also popularly known as gym yoga that is a perfect combination of the ancient yoga with new techniques for the newer generation. This hosting will make you sweat like nothing other.

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Power Yoga comes with great advantages which is why do follow the best and the most essential power yoga workout.

Ardha Chandrasana – One of the most popular workouts is the Ardha Chandrasana which is also known as half moon pose. This exercise will improve your coordination and build balance too. This pose comes with great advantages like it will help you in strengthening your legs, spine and buttocks. This exercise will stretch your hamstrings and also open your hips.

Paripurna Navasana – This is another great power yoga work out option to include in your routine which is also called as boat pose This pose have a great affect on people as it enhances your confidence and also help you in relieving from major stress. This asana will improve your digestion and also strengthen your abdomen. It also stimulates intestines and thyroid.

Ustrasana – Another 30 minute yoga for beginners which is must to be added in your list is Ustrasana which is also called as camel pose. This pose works great for people with regular lower backpain and also it improves your respiration and posture. This pose help in strengthening your shoulders and back. Also, it strengthens your things and works best for well-being.

Salabhasana – Salabhasana is another power yoga workout that is of great benefits. This asana is also called as the locust pose. This pose is highly recommended to all the people with anxiety and are looking for a way to calm your brain. This asana helps in strengthening especially the muscles of the lower and upper back. This pose also increases the endurance of the body.

Chaturanga Dandasana – One more important workout under power yoga to perform on regular basis is Chaturanga Dandasana also known as plank pose. This asana will stimulate your body and mind and also is one of the main reasons for increases your main stability. With this asana your stamina will increase by strengthening wrists, legs and arms.

These are some of the best 30-minute yoga for beginners that you can follow for a healthy and fit body.

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